brief history

A Brief history of Shadow World

The First Age: The Lords of Orhan

In the beginning there were Gods, for better or ill, the Lords of Orhan and Charon. They watched Kulthea yet did not reveal themselves, for the First Ones were new to the world and the Gods curious. The First Ones rose by their own efforts, and they rose high, declaring themselves the Lords of Essence after the power of Magic that they mastered. And truly Power was in their hands, for they shaped the land as clay and trod the stars as cobblestones. Power calls to power, and they served their own Name and Glory by bringing to Kulthea the many peoples they found in the worlds, that they might serve them. So glorious and terrible was their reign that they opened the Gates as they pleased, making even the mighty Ordainers their servants and menials.

And so it came to pass that, finding no worthy adversary in the stars and no Gods to temper them, they strove among themselves to become supreme: the Empress Kadaena Worldslayer and the General Utha the Wise. Their strife was too mighty for even them to contain, and the world was shattered. The Lords of Essence were cast down, as would have been the very land itself.

But the true Lords of this world acted, and we were spared.

The Long Night

The Lords of Orhan and Charon sheltered the world, each taking their favored peoples unto them and putting them into a deep sleep. And the face of Kuor was on the land and where he looked quakes stilled, lava cooled, waters receded. “Behold, the cost of our curiosity; and now behold its price,” decreed Lord Kuor “Still shall our hands be hidden from the world, but never again shall we merely observe. I have set myself vigilent over the flows of Essence through the world. Likewise do I decree that ”/campaign/rust-of-coming-ages/wikis/Illoura/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Illoura shall watch over the land, Shaal the sea, and Phaon the Sun. And the Lords of Orhan gave their assent, save for Eissa who took up her watch over Death and Rebirth without leave or request, and is thus held equal to Kuor in Godly dignity. Also save for the Lords of Charon, who give no fealty to Orhan.

All the while, the world slept and healed. And awoke.

And Kuor said, “Let us return our peoples to the world, that they may wake.” And it was so.

The Second Age

The Loremasters tell us the Second Age began with the founding of their own order, and who can argue? They gave us the calendar that tracks the years and seasons. Indeed they taught the returned peoples of the world many a thing: how to grow food and domesticate animals, the firing of clay and building of homes… many, many things that had been known and were lost.

Many realms arose. Some fell. Some grew higher still, casting a shadow they did not see until it was nearly too late.

The Wars of Dominion

The Third Age

brief history

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