Lords of Charon

Learned people hold many debates about the nature of the Lords of Charon. Some say they are fallen Lords of Orhan imprisoned on the smallest, oddball moon that with its irregular polar orbit doesn’t obey the laws that govern all other moons. Others claim that they are twisted reflections of the Lords of Orhan, while others say that it is the Orhanians that are twisted, candy-coated versions of the more primal, more honest Lords of Charon.

Whatever the truth, the fact is that in most places the worship of the Lords of Charon is heavily frowned upon. Worshipers meet in secret, though the south side of Sel-Kai’s Avenue of the Gods boasts Churches and Temples to the Charoni every bit as grand and inspiring as the Orhanian structures on the North Side.

The Charoni do not form a pantheon with the implied organization that one sees on Orhan. They simply inhabit the same moon.

  • Andaris, God of Feline Wisdom and Ferocity
  • Bogaluth, God of Pestilence & Necromancy
  • Daglea, Goddess of Vengeance
  • Inis, God of Frenzy and Dance
  • Kesh’ta’Kai, God of Knowledge and Magic
  • Klyssys, God of the Sun, patron of the Y’Kin peoples.
    • Akalatan, Lord of Snakes, patron of Lankanok
  • Moralis, God of Love and Pain — it must be noted that there is no alliance between him and Orgianna or Inis!
  • Morgu the Beast, God of Slaughter
  • Orgianna, Goddess of Love and Pain — it must be noted that there is no alliance between her and Moralis or Inis!
  • Omir, God of Assasins
  • Scalu, God of Dreams, Nightmares, and madness.
  • Z’Taar, God of War
  • Zania, Goddess of the Moon

Lords of Charon

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