Mynistra has been worshipped in Haestra (Northwestern Emer) for thousands of years. She is still popular in the western portion of Stroane, withstanding efforts from worshipers of both Zanar and Andaras to convert her faithful to the two faiths that enjoy Imperial favor.

The size of Her domains and the length of Her tenure make Her — and her Priests — a potent force, and few Gods dare encroach openly on her lands. Even the Lords of Orhan make no special claims here, though for whatever reason She tolerates Phaon’s Priests.

Mynistra has multiple facts, being many things to her many faithful.

  • Blue Mynistra the Healer
  • Gold Mynistra the Ruler
  • White Mynistra the Pure
  • Red Mynistra the Protector
  • Black Mynistra the Sought
  • White Mynistra the Tranquil
  • Green Mynistra the Bountiful


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